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Polish learning course Gdynia

Polish learning course


The Maverick Polish learning course is dedicated to foreign students, corporate clients, persons who want to obtain a respective certificate and to all foreigners interested in learning Polish from ‘level 0’ or those wanting to increase their general linguistic competences.


The focus of the course is placed on quick and effective communication in Polish - both in everyday situations, and in the professional areas as well. Throughout the course we introduce various conversational exercises that will boost  your audio and lexical skills. Grammar is being taught while implementing various communication-based content. On more advanced levels our students develop the acquired skills and stretch the range of active vocabulary. Among corporate clients/students we teach Polish within business correspondence, business presentations, participation in meetings and other day-to-day office and professional routines.

We help our students to swiftly overcome language and cultural barriers, and feel right at home using the Polish language from day one. In class we use a wide range of available textbooks and didactic materials specially designed for the purpose of learning Polish as a second language.

We run solo and group classes - both at Maverick head office and client’s premises.


- you will be able to freely communicate in typical, simple communication-based situations, in
  places like ex. shops, railway stations, restaurants, cinema, while navigating the city,

- you will understand and generate simple, compact oral and written statements related to the
  everyday life,

- you will be able to read and understand basic information and advertising messages,

- you will formulate answers to a wide range of questions,

- you will learn much about the Polish tradition and culture,

- we shall help you break all existing language barriers.


- you will find it easy to communicate in a wide range of communication-based situations,

- your vocabulary will stretch - both active and passive,

- you will freely and comfortably express yourself and participate in a variety of discussions,

- you will be able to describe experiences, events, and abstract matters,

- you will overcome a language barrier,

- you will learn much about the Polish tradition and culture.



- you will widen the range of specialist vocabulary ex. within management, marketing, finances,

- you will get comfortable while using Polish in a wide range of business-related situations ex. when
  exchanging business correspondence, holding negotiation talks, making presentations,

- we shall help you break any language barriers,

- you will learn much about the Polish tradition and culture.


price: 360 PLN / monthly instalment (9 instalments)

The course starts at the turn of Sep/Oct and ends in June

Group size: 3-4 persons

The course covers 54 hours (36 x 90 min)

The group classes are held 1 x week 

Class duration: 90 minutes         

It is also possible to conduct individual and double classes as well as online classes. For course details, please contact the office.

The course price includes:

  - all materials and handouts given out throughout classes,

   - all classes run by a Polish language native speaker.

Access to the Maverick Fiszkoteka multimedia application is subject to an additional fee.


It’s possible to join in the course at any point throughout the school year (depending on the new student’s command of the Polish language). In this case the course price is calculated individually depending on the date of joining the course.

The group classes are off - at Christmas time and winter holidays.

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