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Price list - Polish learning course

Face to face classes

Online classes

Additional information:

1. The price is for one person.

2. Access to the Maverick Fiszkoteka multimedia application is subject to an additional fee.

3. The course price is calculated individually depending on the date of the class kick-off.

4.  You can join the course at any time. The sign-out depends on the number of selected classes and course frequency.

5. One-off payment - 10% off (minimum of purchased classes is 10).

6. Payment in 2 installments - 5% off (minimum number of purchased classes is 10).

6. Family in Maverick -5% off for the second and next family member.

7. The number of installments depends on the choice of the number of classes; one installment covers 4-5 lessons.

8. Monthly instalments: first instalment upon the sign-in, consequent instalments by the 5th day of each calendar month.

9. The contract is signed with a specific number of classes in accordance with our schedule of classes.

The price list valid as of January 2nd, 2024.

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